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How to Block Ads on Hulu?

How to Block Ads on Hulu

How to Block Ads on Hulu?

I am going to teach you how to block ads on Hulu. I have been working with Hulu for the past few months, and know that they are not able to show any advertisements during programming.

This means that if you want to watch your favorite TV shows without being interrupted by commercials, then there is only one way out. You will have to subscribe to Hulu.

You can use a VPN service provider or an IP Address changer to change your IP address so that you are able to watch Hulu without being interrupted by any ads.

I have been using ExpressVPN for the past few months and it has done a good job of keeping my identity hidden while I watched Hulu.

Of course, you will have to follow a step-by-step guide to make sure that you do everything in the right order and get rid of ads, without running into any trouble.

Hulu is a popular streaming site for movies and TV shows. You can subscribe to their service to access all of your favorite movies and TV shows, but their subscription comes with ads. You can avoid the ads by following the steps below:

First of all, you will need a VPN service provider like ExpressVPN or IPVanish. If you use ExpressVPN,

follow these steps:

1) Go to the ExpressVPN website and subscribe to their service.

2) After you have subscribed, download ExpressVPN’s software on your computer and install it.

3) When the installation is complete, open the software and sign in with your account details (username and password).

4) Connect to a server located in the USA. This will make sure that you access Hulu from a US-based IP address.

5) After you have connected for the first time, select a different server so that your real identity is not revealed to Hulu. ExpressVPN has servers located in 100+ countries, so it should be easy to find a server from which you can access Hulu.

6) Now open your browser and visit  to access your favorite TV shows and movies on Hulu.

That was all you had to do to watch Hulu without ads! If you want, you can now disconnect ExpressVPN from your computer and start watching your favorite shows, uninterrupted by any advertisements.

Of course, there are many VPN service providers out there and you need to make sure that you choose the best one. The VPN service provider I use and recommend is ExpressVPN, so feel free to sign up with them if you want to get rid of ads on Hulu.

How to Watch Netflix without Ads?

If you want, you can also follow exactly the same steps above and watch your favorite movies on Netflix! All you have to do is sign up with ExpressVPN  (or another VPN service provider) and connect to a US-based server. After that, you can open your browser and visit  to watch TV shows on Netflix without being interrupted by ads.


Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services for TV, but it also has ads. If you are looking to block these so that your viewing experience isn’t interrupted or ruined by commercials, then you will need to use a browser plug-in like uBlock Origin.

This is available on all browsers and blocks out ads in real-time as they load. You can even adjust how aggressive this blocker is if some sites have too many problems loading without being able to monetize with advertising.

It’s not perfect, but blocking advertisements may be important enough for people who want uninterrupted viewing sessions while watching their favorite shows online. Do any of our readers know other ways that viewers might be able to get around such disruptions? Let us know!

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