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Top 5 Short Video Apps | Indian Short Video Apps

Short Video Apps : Friends, many people search the internet by writing which is the Indian short video app, because the popularity of making short videos in India has increased a lot and everyone likes to make short videos, because it is very easy to make short videos. You can become famous and it has also become a good means of entertainment, as you all must know that the use of internet has increased a lot.

Now many things can be done through internet from mobile or computer in a few minutes, which would have taken a lot of time before, such as if you want to go to see a movie, then you can book a movie ticket online, so that you can book a movie. No need to stand in line to buy tickets

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Similarly, you can also pay electricity bills online, etc. There are many such things that you can do from your mobile and computer through the Internet, almost everyone uses the Internet, most people use the Internet through social media. Social media is a platform on which you can make friends online, talk with them and know about them.

And by becoming famous on social media, you can also become a social media celebrity., and short video creating apps are also social media apps, on which you can become an internet celebrity by becoming famous, many people make short videos for entertainment. Some people use Indian short video apps to earn money or to show their talent logo,

If you have any talent that you want to reach to other people, then by using short video creating app, you can make a video and reach your talent to more and more people if they like your talent.

So also like and comment your video. Most of the people have their different talent like some people know singing, dancing and some people know how to do comedy, if you have any similar talent inside you.

If you want more and more people to know, then you can tell your talent in 15 to 30 seconds video through Indian short video apps and for this you will not have to pay any kind of charge.

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Which are the Indian short video apps?

As you all must be aware that 59 Chinese apps in India, including short video creating apps like Tiktok and Like, have been banned and now almost everyone wants to use Indian short video app only.

So here I am going to tell you about those short video creating apps which are made in India, although there are many Indian short video apps on the internet which are from India but here I am going to tell you about the popular Indian short video apps. I am going to tell

Which have been downloaded by millions of people so far and their ratings and reviews are also good making short videos, nowadays everyone likes to make fun because it not only entertains, but if your videos become viral then you can also become famous. is

And more and more people start knowing you., But now many of you think which short video creating app is good on which you can make videos, so in this post I am going to tell you about popular short video apps. If you like you can use that app and make videos.

Creating short videos made in India Although there are many apps on the internet, but here I am going to tell you about only 5 apps because there are popular Indian short video apps which have been downloaded by many and their ratings and reviews are also different. better than apps, Indian short video apps are more reliable also because they are from our own country

And and on their developer also means by whom the app has been created, they are also from our country, so if there is any bug or problem in the app, then it can be easily solved by telling the app developer now 5 Indian Short Video I am going to tell about the apps which have become very famous.

Top 5 Indian Short Video Apps

1) Josh – Indian Short Video Apps

Josh is an Indian Short Video Apps, in this also you can watch and upload short videos, all people like to record short videos because you can record them anywhere and for this you also need more devices. No, you can make short videos from your mobile itself.

In this also you can make videos with music and make videos in different languages. Different languages ​​like Hindi, English, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi etc. are spoken in India, so whatever language you like, you can choose your own. You can use Josh Indian short video apps along with recording in videos, more than 1 million people have downloaded and its rating is 3.8.

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2) Moj Indian Short Video Apps

Moj is an Indian Short Video Apps and as its name suggests, this app has been made only for entertainment purposes only. Told that all the people have their different talent, like if someone sings well, someone dances well, then someone knows how to do comedy, similarly if you also have a talent that you want to reach other people, then Moz you can do this through app

In Moz app you get all types of videos of trending news, entertainment news, funny videos, video songs etc., and Moz app is the product of sharechat, sharechat is a social media platform where you can find all types of trending videos, status , funny videos, short videos, whatsapp status & Instagram stories etc. All things are found in one place

In this also you have to create account from your mobile number and in this you can make friends with anyone and meet new people, Moz app has been downloaded by more than 10 lakh people and its rating is 4.2.

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3) Roposo App – Indian Short Video Apps

You must have heard the name of Roposo App, it is a very popular Indian Short Video Apps, the user interface of Roposo App is very simple which is easily understood by the user, in this you will get all types of videos like entertainment, funny, dialogue etc. And you can upload your short videos on it and for this you have to create an account in Roposo app.

Which you can make from your mobile number, if you like any video in roposo Indian short video apps, then you can follow the creator who made that video and anyone can follow you. In this you can also like and comment on someone’s video

And if you want to make your video with someone’s video or want to do a duet with him, then you can also do so, more than 50 lakh people have downloaded the Roposo app so far and its rating is 4.1.

4. Trell – Indian Short Video Apps

Trell app is an Indian short video app where you can also watch short videos and create your own short videos. In this, you get 8 Indian languages ​​like English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, etc., in which you can select the language of your choice and watch videos made in your language.

And you can also make videos in your own language. In Trell Indian Short Video Apps also you get different types of categories like comedy, reaction videos, Masti ki pathshala, travel, food, etc., in which you get videos of all these categories. ,

In Trail App you can follow anyone and anyone can follow you and in this also you get the option to make your duet video, many people like duet videos because it gives likes and comments on their videos more chances to live and if you made a good duet video

So the person with whom you did the duet also uploads your video to his account, so your following also increases. tall Indian short video apps have been downloaded by more than 1 million people and its rating is 4.3.

5) Chingari – Indian Short Video Apps

Chingari is also an Indian short video app, in which you can watch videos by scrolling like other short video apps and can also record your videos, it has another special feature in which you can read news along with watching short videos. Many people like to read online news, so in this app, you can keep the news of the country and the world by watching the news also in the spark app you can follow the people whose videos you like.

And anyone can follow you in this is a good Indian short video app which anyone can use easily, in this also you can create an account by entering the mobile number and watch videos and read news in spark app as well as game You can also play, there is an option with a game zone.

Where you get many games like street ball jam, basketball, slot fruit, bubble fish, soccer hero, etc., in which you can play whatever game you like. More than 1 million people have downloaded the Chingari app so far and it has a rating of 4.0

Friends have told me about Short Video Apps. If you like all this information, then share it with your friends on social media as well and keep visiting our site to read more such internet-related posts.

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