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What is FaceApp? Is FaceApp secure

What is the FaceApp Challenge, you have seen the future face of a friend on social media, if you have seen it, then I know you must have been surprised to see it, how did it look old so soon,

But you do not need to be surprised, because there is an app with the help of which you can easily make someone young or old.

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Nowadays there may be someone who does not run Facebook, recently some photos were viral on all social networks on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, in which some Indian cricket players were said to be old, on which many people had rained Like Comments.

Everyone was surprised that how did this happen, how our players got old so quickly, but after some time they came to know that they were not old, they were made old. With the help of an application called FaceApp, gave them such a look and shared it on Facebook and other social sites,

People liked those pictures very much, now we thought that this question must have come to your mind what is this FaceApp? (What Is FaceApp In Hindi) and how FaceApp works and you can also see how you will look in your old age, in your future photo or you say.

Today we will give you complete information about what is FaceApp and will also tell you whether it is right for us to use this type of app? Is it safe for us to use FaceApp? We do not have any kind of loss due to the use of FaceApp, we are going to give you complete information about FaceApp in this post. So let’s start and know what is FaceApp?

What is FaceApp?

Like you use WhatsApp, Facebook, and other Android applications on your smartphone, in the same way, FaceApp is also an app. To use it too, we have to install it on our smartphones. Which is very easy, FaceAapp is also available on all operating systems like Android and iOS.

Installing and using it is absolutely free, for this you do not have to pay any kind of charge, so the popularity of this app is also increasing. This app has achieved good popularity in a short time,

FaceApp is a photo editing app in which editing is done using artificial intelligence and neural face transformation to edit photos. To give a good look to any type of photo, a lot of filters have been used in this app, so that you can mold the photos in a strange way and you can also make your photos young or old.

Simultaneously, you can also make many funny pictures like growing hair, applying a mustache, and giving girls laughter. With the help of the face app, you can make good jokes with your or your friend’s photos.

Who created FaceApp and when?

FaceApp was created in Russia in the year 2017 by Yaroslav Goncharov, but suddenly it came to the fore in India when some old pictures of Indian players became very viral then people came to know about this app in detail.

With the help of this app, you can convert an old man into a young man, a young man into an old man, a girl into a boy, a boy into a girl, and you can do many fun things and surprise your friends.

How to use FaceApp?

Using FaceApp is very easy, anyone can use it easily. But before using it, you have to install FaceApp on your mobile. If you use an Android Phone then you can do it from Play Store and if you use IOS Phone then you can do it from App Store.

If you have used any photo editing app before, then you will be able to use this app easily too. You have to select any photo from your phone gallery.
As soon as you select a photo, only then do you get to see the options of some filters. But going down, you will get to see some more options like Smile, Smile 2, Spark, Old, Young, and Female, Male.

Some Special Filters of FaceApp

FaceApp has some fun filters that can be used to impress anyone. Its filters are funny as well as very funny. Let’s know about the Filters of FaceApp.

  • In the option of Smile and Smile 2, you can change the smile on your face.
  • With the option of Spark, you can make changes to your skin.
  • In the option of Old and Young, you can make your face young and old. You can also become a child with its help.
  • In Female and Male, you can express the gestures of men and women on your face.
  • Scroll on the left you also get to see some other options, with the help of which you can create GIFs and collages of your photos, and you can surprise your friends and family by
  • sharing your photos on platforms like social media.

Is FaceApp Free?

Although it is free to download and install this app, there are many such features useful to us which are absolutely free. But if you buy its Paid version which is $3.99 which is around 450 ₹ then you can use more fun filters and features with it.

Is FaceApp secure?

On the one hand, the use of FaceApp and the photos made from it are being shared a lot, and many people are enjoying this app, while on the other hand it is also being reported that our personal information can be leaked from this app, and it’s ours. There can also be a wrong use.

Right now much such news says that our privacy can be threatened by FaceApp. It can misuse our data or can also sell our data to a third party.

While the statement is coming from FaceApp that it saves only those photos in its server which are uploaded by the user and the company says that its server also deletes those uploaded photos after 48 hours. However, the company has kept silent on the question of selling its data to a third party.

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