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How to Make DJ Song of your name from mobile

Make DJ Song: If you do not know how to make a DJ song in your name, then today we are going to tell you about this. Whenever you go to a wedding, or party function, sometimes someone’s name and mobile number come on the DJ song playing there. In such a situation, if you also want your name and mobile number to appear in DJ Song, then read this post carefully. Because in this post we are going to tell you how to make a DJ song of your name. Let me tell you that it is elementary to mix your name in a song, you can do this work from your Android mobile phone. If you are a Jio phone user, then for this you have to go to the online DJ Song Mixing website.

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There is currently no such app on Jio Phone that lets you mix songs. If you want to mix songs on Jio Phone, then you can do it from an online website. As far as Android phones are concerned, there are many options for mixing DJ songs. There are many apps available in the Google Playstore of Android, from which you can easily put your name in any song, so let’s know step by step how to do it.

How to make your name DJ Song

Earlier, we needed a computer to mix the name in the song, but now we can do song mixing from our mobile too. So the main two steps to make your name a DJ song on mobile is first you have to make the sound of your name through an online website. After that, with the help of apps, you have to mix the sound of your name on any song. In this way, you can make your name DJ song in your favorite song.

So to make DJ Song, first of all, you have to create a sound ie an audio file of your name. For this, you can take the help of any Sound Recording App. However, you will not get good quality sound in this, so we would advise you to use the Text To Speech App present in the Playstore or the online website.

To create an audio file named DJ, first of all, go to your browser and search for soundoftext, and open the first website that appears in its result.

Its homepage is quite simple, in which you have to enter your name in the text option at the top like DJ Arvind, in this, you can also write the mobile number after the name.

After that select Hindi in the language and click on submit. This will create an audio file named after you, which you can save in your gallery from the Save link given below it. By clicking on the option of Play, you can hear how the audio of your name is made.

Once the audio file named DJ is created, you have to download and install the app Cross DJ from the play store to mix it into the song. Through this app, you can mix your name in any song.

Well in the Playstore you will find many apps that make your name DJ Song, but using Cross DJ is the easiest and simplest among them. If you want, you can download and install it from here also.

How to Make DJ Song with Cross DJ App

After installing Cross DJ App, open it, and now it will ask for some permissions. The homepage of those you have to allow will appear like the screenshot given below. In this, the information about how to mix your DJ name in the song is given below.

First of all, you have to add the song of your choice in the plus (+) icon on the left side. After this, on the other hand, by clicking on the plus (+) icon on the right side, you have to add the audio file of your name. Which you created through an online website.

After adding both files, you have to go to the setting to record your mixing. So click on the setting option given on the right side, now you have to click on the record button here, this will start recording the song.

Now play the song with the play button and wherever you want to call your name DJ name in the song, you have to play the audio file of your name. You can call your name more than once in the song, after everything is fine, go back to the setting and save the recording.

There is no app for jio phone users to create DJ songs. In such a situation, Jio users can do online mixing by going to the online website named In this too, you have to save the song and the audio file by playing it by adding the name of the audio file.

So now you must have come to know about how to make a DJ Song of your name. In this way you can create your own DJ song, however, if you use this DJ App for the first time then you may have to face some problems. But after using it again and again you will start finding it easy, so if the right DJ song is not being made in one go, then definitely try again. Hope you liked this information on how to make your name DJ Song and will prove to be helpful for you.

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