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[Ultimate Guide] How Much is a Book of Stamps?

How Much is a Book of Stamps

[Ultimate Guide] How Much is a Book of Stamps?

You may not think that you need to know how much a book of stamps costs, but it is the most popular item sold by the United States Postal Service. One dollar will buy 30 stamps and there are always new designs for collectors. When I was in high school, my friends and I would get together at least once a week to trade stamps or just talk about our collections. It’s one of those things that never goes out of style! Whether you’re looking for something special to send your pen pal or just want some conversation starters with your co-workers, stamps can be an inexpensive way to brighten someone’s day.

1. A book of stamps is a bundle of 10,000 stamps sold by the USPS. For most of its history, a book of stamps costs $1. Today (2018), the price is $0.50.

2. A book of 20 Forever Stamps costs $10.00, so 10 books would be all you’d need to use up an entire sheet of 100 Forever Stamps!

3. When the first stamp was issued in 1847, it cost $0.02. The price stayed fairly consistent for over 100 years until it increased to $0.03 in 1969. As of 2018, a first-class stamp costs $0.50.

4. Stamps are sold at Post Offices and there’s no limit on how many you can buy. There are, however, some guidelines about how anyone package is shipped via Priority Mail :

Flat envelope or package: $2.66 to $3.34 Weight limit for book rate: 70 lbs Flat envelope/package cannot be larger than 108 inches in combined length and girth—the measurement around the thickest part of the package.

5. If you think you’ll be mailing items regularly, you might want to invest in an Endicia account. This is a third-party postage provider that lets you print your stamps for any amount of money, paid out monthly through your checking or savings account. There are fees involved with this service, but it’s a good way to avoid standing in line with all your packages.

6. If you’re planning to ship items that weigh more than one pound each ( soup cans, for example), go with Priority Mail Flat Rate service. You can get up to 70 lbs of goodies shipped anywhere in the US for $10.45.

7. In 2016, the USPS introduced a new Forever Stamp. Forever stamps are good for first-class postage no matter what the rate increases too. They never expire and can be used even after first-class rates double from $0.50 to $1 in 2021.

8. As of 2018, a postcard costs $0.35 to mail. If you’re mailing a postcard from inside the US, remember that it must have a stamp on it to be delivered by the USPS. Sending a postcard from overseas? Make sure there’s a “greeting card”—not just postage—on it so that your friend or family member knows what country you’re writing from.

Let’s break down the cost of postage into some simple math:

• Letters and cards up to 1 ounce $0.34

• First-Class Mail Letter — Nonmachinable (Up to 3.5 ounces) $0.50

• Priority Mail — Flat Rate Envelope $7.20

• Priority Mail — Small Flat Rate Box $7.20

• Priority Mail — Medium and Large Flat Rate Boxes $13.45

To get a better idea of how much it costs to ship a package with the United States Postal Service, you will need to get the specifics on what’s being shipped and where it’s going. If you know these two things, then it’s easy to estimate and compare prices and shipping times with different carriers.

When I send a package via Priority Mail, I can easily get an estimate of how much it will cost online, but I do need to provide the weight and dimensions before I am given a final price. With some carriers, you can simply give them the dimensions and they will estimate it for you.

What Determines How Much A Book of Stamps Costs in 2018?

The United States Postal Service has several factors that determine how much it costs to ship a package with them.

These include • Size  • Weight  • Shape  • Distance  • Availability, For example, shipping a large item that is lightweight will cost less than sending something heavy that isn’t very big. International shipments are subject to change because of the location and availability of the package’s destination.

What Determines How Much It Costs To Send A Letter With USPS?

The factors for determining how much it costs to send a letter with the United States Postal Service are:  • Size  • Weight  • Date mailed or postmarked  • Address of sender and recipient

How Much Has US Postage Changed in The Last 100 Years?

To find out how much postage rates have changed in the last 100 years, we need to look back to 1913.  At that time, the cost of a stamp was 2 cents and you were able to send a letter anywhere in the US for just one penny more if it was within walking distance or free if it was walking distance plus one mile.

The United States Postal Service is always creating new stamps to commemorate special events, holidays, and major milestones. For example, the Clerk’s Stamp of Approval features artwork that is selected by the USPS Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee to approve before it becomes available for sale nationwide.

The only time that these stamps are not available for purchase is when there is a commemorative stamp created. If you’re looking for an item that is not part of the Clerk’s Stamp of Approval, you will be able to find it in a stamp collection or by searching online.

How Much Does It Cost To Mail A Letter In The United States?

Many types of mail have changed over the past 100 years, but sending a letter is still less expensive than any other type of mail delivery.  That’s because letters are one of the most affordable ways to communicate via USPS with friends and family, whether it’s across town or halfway around the world.

Conclusion :

Now that you know how much a book of stamps costs and how much it costs to mail a letter in the US, go ahead and get a good estimate when you’re shopping for shipping options with USPS.  Once you have questions about size, weight determines the cost.  Here are some general guidelines for sending a letter with USPS to help you choose the correct postage option.

Size Dimensions (not including exterior packaging) Shape 1st Class Mail Letters Up to 3.5″ x 5.5″ Rectangular Flats Up to 6″ x 11″ Flat Parcels/Packages up to 13 ounces and measuring up to 15″ x 12″ x 2.4″ Any Shape Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box $7.20; Approximate Dimensions: 10.75″ x 6.5″ x 1.18″ Any Size Medium and Large Flat Rate Boxes $13.45; Approximate

Dimensions: 12 1/8” x 12 1/8” x 3 1/2” Large Envelope/Flat Rate Box $13.45; Approximate Dimensions: 15″ x 12″ x 2″ Any Size APO, FPO, & DPO Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes and Small Flat Rate Boxes Open only to Military and Diplomatic Post Office (APO, FPO) addresses.  If you have a military address, your postage may be free! Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Boxes Open only to Military and Diplomatic Post Office (APO, FPO) addresses.

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