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Everything Know About How to Send Certified Mail?[16 Ways].

How to Send Certified Mail

Everything Know About How to Send Certified Mail?[16 Ways].

Certified mail is a popular option for those who want to ensure documents are received by the recipient. This blog post will provide you with everything you need to know about sending certified mail, including how much it costs and what you’ll need to do so.

Certified Mail is an option that many people choose when they want their documents delivered quickly and securely. There are certain requirements in order to send Certified Mail, which this blog post will go over so stay tuned!

1. Use the USPS website to find a post office near you.

The USPS has a website that lists all of the post offices within its purview. You can locate this on Google by searching “USPS” and clicking on their link.

2. Take your item to the Post Office.

In order for your letter or package to be sent with Certified Mail Tracking, you must take it in-person to a post office. The USPS website has the relevant information to find a post office that is close to where you live or work.

3. Ask an employee at a local U.S. Post Office to send your item via Certified Mail.

When you take your package to a post office, simply ask an employee if they can ensure it gets sent out as Certified Mail. Since sending a letter as certified mail costs a few extra dollars, the postal worker will ask you to pay a fee before they send it off.

4. Track your package on the USPS website!

A few days after your package is sent out with Certified Mail, you’ll be able to track its progress online. You simply have to go onto and type in the tracking number provided on your receipt or letter. You can then follow its journey as it heads to its destination!

5. Decide on what kind of mail you want to send and fill out the appropriate form.

The USPS has a varied range of forms available for you to use, depending on what it is you want to send. This section will go over the most common type of Certified Mail: sending a letter. If you plan on sending something other than a letter or package, be sure to visit the official USPS website and check out their generic forms.

6. Include the appropriate forms with your mail item.

All of the USPS Certified Mail forms are available for download on their website, so be sure to bring pen and paper to copy them down if necessary! The post office keeps these forms on hand, so you won’t need any other materials in order to send your letter as certified mail.

7. Fill out the sender and receiver addresses on your form.

The Certified Mail form you end up picking should have fields for both the sender address and the recipient address. Be sure to fill these two in before passing it off to a postal worker! This will ensure that your mail is sent swiftly, since employees at post offices are required to follow these instructions.

8. Ask an employee at the Post Office to send your letter as Certified Mail.

Once you have filled out all of the appropriate sections on your form, take it to a postal worker at your local post office. They will need to see that it is both addressed correctly and has the necessary amount of postage before they will send it off.

9. Lastly, track your letter online!

After your postal worker has sent out your Certified Mail letter, you can simply go onto the USPS website to check on its status. You’ll be able to see exactly where in the mail system it is and when it should arrive at its destination. From there, all you have to do is wait for it to be delivered!

People send certified mail as a security measure as well as a method of tracking items that they trust will be handled correctly. Certified Mail can also take the place of registered mail, which you sign and deliver in person. To learn more about sending certified mail today, visit the official USPS website!

10. Gather all the necessary information for your recipient, including their address and phone number.

In order for an item to be successfully sent as certified mail, it must have a return address and a phone number on it. The addressee’s phone number is vital to ensure they get the letter in a timely fashion, but the sender’s address is important too. Without any of this information, your package or letter will end up going back to the sender after failing the process of Certified Mail.

11. Write out an address label that has your sender and receiver addresses on it.

You’ll need to place this address label onto your package before you can send it off as certified mail. Be sure to write in both the sender’s name and return address, along with the recipient’s address and phone number.

12. Prepare your letter or package for mailing by putting it into a USPS-approved envelope or box.

The best, most successful certified mail letters and packages must be placed into the appropriate size envelopes before they can go out in the post office’s system for delivery as Certified Mail. If you send something as Certified Mail in a standard envelope, it will most likely fail the process and be sent back to the sender.

13. Put your package or letter into its envelope or box.

Once you have filled out all of your address information onto your USPS Certified Mail label, place that on top of whatever item you are sending. After that, put whatever item you have into the correct size envelope and box for your item.

14. Affix postage to your Certified Mail package, letter, or envelope before sending it off.

After you have put your package or letter into its certified mail envelope or box, it’s time to attach postage onto it! You can use stamps as well as other types of postage for certified mail, but stamps are the most common. You can put as many stamps as you need on an envelope or box in order to send it successfully as Certified Mail.

15. Ask a Post Office employee to send your package as certified mail.

If you already know all of this information and have everything prepared, find a nearby post office. The post office will check all of this information to ensure it is correct, and, if everything looks good, you’ll be able to send your package or letter as Certified Mail!

16. Gather any additional paperwork or documents needed by contacting customer service at the USPS.

The price of sending Certified Mail depends on the weight and size and begins at $4.60 for up to 1/2 ounce (which is the smallest package that can be sent). To send your package with Priority Mail, which is recommended for larger packages when speed isn’t as important, you will pay a base rate plus an additional charge per pound. The time required to deliver the letter depends on how far the post office is from the recipient’s address, which may take up to five days.

Check out this blog post for more information about mailing legal documents.

14. What are the Different Types of Certified Mail?

There are two types of Certified Mail you can choose from–Signature Confirmation and Return Receipt.

Signature Confirmation: This is a more secure form of sending Certified Mail because you can make sure that the person who signed for it actually did sign for it (i.e., do not require a post office employee to witness the signature). You can also find out if your letter was left on the doorstep but no one was home–but keep in mind this is not a sure-proof method, as someone may have signed for it even if your recipient wasn’t at their residence.

Return Receipt: This requires that you fill out an additional form to confirm delivery and retain it with the mailpiece as proof of its delivery. The post office will provide you with a “green card” to show proof of delivery.

Tips for Sending Certified Mail:

1. If sending packages, make sure to send them via Priority Mail (if speed is less important) or Express Mail for larger items like legal documents

2. Include the correct postage and avoid taping your mail piece shut

3. Remember to purchase a tracking number so you can track your shipment from start to finish

4. Include the correct recipient address but also add “In Care Of” in case there is a temporary change of address or if someone else will be receiving the mail on his or her behalf.

5. Never send cash, checks, or valuables with your Certified Mail package

6. Ensure you have all the necessary information before sending out a package to avoid delays and possible misdirection

For more information on how much it costs to send Certified Mail, what is required for this type of mail, or who can receive a package sent via Certified Mail, contact customer service from USPS today.

Things You’ll Need:

• USPS Certified Mail form [one per mail piece]

• Scissors to cut the forms from the pad if you don’t have scissors at your disposal

• Appropriate postage for your package [if sending a larger or heavier item, which requires Priority or Expresses Mail rather than Certified Mail; also see #3 above]

• Appropriate packaging for your package (i.e., envelopes, boxes)

• Tracking number/confirmation if sending Priority or Express Mail.


When you need to send a certified letter, it is important that your signature be notarized. You can find out more about this process on the USPS website or by talking with someone at your local post office. It’s also an excellent idea to take pictures of all correspondence and receipts related to sending mail so they are easier to track down if there are any issues later on.

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